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Weight Management

Your loyal companion deserves love no matter what size they are. At our hospital, our goal is to make sure they are healthy. We provide guidance and suggest safe and healthy tips to get your pet to a healthy weight. We teach our clients how to establish a healthy balance...

Vet Referrals

At Lauzon Veterinary Hospital, we are happy to provide routine and emergency care to pets in our community. We are a 24-hour hospital that is open 7 days a week, and we always have a licensed and experienced veterinarian present to attend to patients.

Veterinary Exam

Wellness exams are designed so your veterinarian can check your pet’s health. It is not always possible to determine if your pet is in good health by just looking at them. In fact, as pet parents, you may miss signs of illness because they are so subtle. With each appointment,...

Vaccinations for Puppies and Dogs

Vaccines protect your pet from severe illnesses like Rabies and Lyme disease, which humans can also suffer from. Our hospital offers core and non-core vaccines for puppies and dogs to bring safety to your pet and household.