Veterinary Exam

Wellness exams are designed so your veterinarian can check your pet’s health. It is not always possible to determine if your pet is in good health by just looking at them. In fact, as pet parents, you may miss signs of illness because they are so subtle. With each appointment, our team can run tests, monitor your pet’s development, diagnose diseases and provide recommendations on adjusting their care.

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What happens during a veterinary exam?

Veterinary exams will begin with a complete physical. The veterinarian will check your pet from nose to tail, looking for any abnormalities on the skin or fur, hearing, sight and alertness. This visit will give our team the chance to understand your pet’s daily routine, nutrition, behaviours and the types of exercise they do. To schedule a veterinary exam for your pet, reach out to us at 519-948-7727.

How often should my pet have a veterinary exam?

Having a yearly veterinary exam is recommended for all pets. Within a year, your pet goes through changes that may easily be missed. Some of these changes affect their health which is why your veterinarian needs to keep track of them. If your pet is a senior, they need bi-annual exams to monitor their health. Senior pets are prone to age-related diseases that require prompt treatment and monitoring. If your pet is a puppy or kitten, they need three veterinary exams throughout the year to ensure they are developing correctly. These wellness exams usually occur when they are 8, 12 and 16-weeks-old.

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