When your pet shows signs of illness, radiographs (X-rays) are often used to determine what’s causing the symptoms. X-ray is a safe, surgery-free diagnostic tool used in veterinary medicine. It can diagnose different health issues and is often used to rule out problems that are not visible through a physical exam.

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What is X-ray used for?

X-rays can be used to examine specific internal organs and to diagnose health conditions. Radiographs are used to monitor heart failure, pneumonia, cancer, arthritis and to check for gallstones.

How do X-rays work?

X-rays use a safe amount of radiation to get scans of your pet’s internal organs and structures. As the beam passes through the body, it is absorbed by dense structures and bones. A snapshot is usually taken once the light is absorbed.

The images created are not always clear-cut to the untrained eye, so our team has received special training to provide accurate results. Give us a call at 519-948-7727 to learn more.

Are there preparation requirements for X-rays?

The procedure is harmless and non-intrusive, which generally means no anesthesia is necessary. For radiographs, your pet must stay still to get clear scans. In some cases, if your pet isn’t calm, we may sedate them for a short time.

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