Nutrition Counselling

Just like humans, pets need food for nourishment through all stages of their lives. A good diet can save your pet from deficiencies and diseases that can shorten their lifespan. At Lauzon Veterinary Hospital, we offer nutritional counselling so pet parents can provide their furry friends with a well-balanced diet that is right for them. Your pet needs a certain amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that help their body function. At our hospital, we provide an assortment of high-quality foods that keep your pet happy and healthy. 

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Why is nutrition counselling important?

Nutrition counselling has many benefits for your pet. A typical consultation will focus on your pet’s diet and their eating schedule. With each consultation, we can help pets who are suffering from weight issues or diseases that can be treated with a better diet. Overweight and obese pets benefit from counselling as pet parents learn healthy techniques to help their pets lose weight. Our veterinarians can detect nutrient deficiencies through bloodwork and recommend nutritious foods to give pets sufficient nutrients. Proper nutrition benefits your pet in the following ways:

  1. It helps in the reduction of pet allergies if they have any
  2. Promotes healthy skin and hair
  3. Prevents indigestion
  4. Helps maintain dental health and oral hygiene
  5. Improves muscle tone and the overall condition of their body
  6. Good digestion encourages smaller and less smelly waste

When should I switch my puppy or kitten to adult food?

As a puppy or kitten, your pet must get food made specifically for them. The food products are labelled for their specific age group to ensure that younger pets don’t miss out on any nutrients they need. Mature pets have unique dietary needs and will require different portions and nutrients to keep up an active lifestyle. We can help pet owners decipher nutrition labels and choose a specific food that is right for their pet. We will consider your pet’s lifestyle, health status, breed and age when recommending foods. Please reach out to us at 519-948-7727 to learn more. 

What foods aren’t safe for my pet?

Many foods can be potentially dangerous to your loyal companion. Some human foods can be poisonous or cause allergic reactions in pets. Here are some foods that aren’t safe for them: macadamia nuts, chocolate, raisin/grapes, avocado, coffee, milk, avocado and onions/garlic.

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