Euthanasia is a tough decision to make, but it may be in the best interest of your loyal companion. Your pet depends on you to make the right choices, especially when they are experiencing chronic pain and sickness. Realizing that your pet is at the end of their life may overwhelm you with sadness but remember that our team is here to support you during this difficult time.

How can I prepare for euthanasia?

When our veterinarians recommend euthanasia, we usually give pet owners time to spend quality time with their pet. Other family members and friends have developed bonds with your pet and they’ll want to say goodbye. If there are children in your family, take extra time explaining what it will mean to lose their furry friend. Some pet parents take this time to do activities their pet has enjoyed throughout their life. This special time shows your pet how much they are loved and will be missed. 

What happens when my pet is euthanized? 

The procedure will be a quick process for your pet. It takes only a few minutes and is entirely painless. To make your pet comfortable, you can bring their favourite blanket or toy to the appointment. If your pet is anxious we may give them a sedative to calm them. The medication to end their life is given intravenously. Euthanasia medication is a seizure medication that shuts down brain and heart activity immediately when given in high doses. Within a minute or two, your pet will lose consciousness.