At Lauzon Veterinary Hospital, we know that critical animal care doesn’t follow a schedule. We are prepared to provide expert veterinary medical care seven days a week. Our hospital has modern resources and a dedicated team who will do everything to give your pet treatment when they need it most. 

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What to expect during an emergency?

When you come to our hospital with an emergency, we work very quickly to provide effective care. We attend to the sickest patient first, ensuring all pets are seen promptly. A licensed veterinarian is always available to attend to emergencies. Our staff will first provide relief to your pet’s pain and run tests if necessary to diagnose their condition. We will work efficiently to stabilize your pet and determine the best course of treatment. 

What is considered an emergency?

At our hospital, we consider the following situations as emergencies because they are unpredictable and cause severe pain:

  1. Animal bites
  2. Inability to walk
  3. Car injuries
  4. Excessive bleeding
  5. Severe vomiting
  6. Breathing problems
  7. Ingesting foreign or toxic objects
  8. Retching with no vomit

These issues can be critical for your pet, so they need immediate medical attention. We encourage you to call us at 519-948-7727 for instructions while you’re en route to the hospital. 

For overnight emergencies, please contact Walker Road Animal Hospital at 519-972-9000

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