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Expert Pet Care

Professional Pet Boarding Services in Windsor

Lauzon Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive care for pets with our pet boarding in Windsor.


What is Pet Boarding?

Pet boarding allows your pet to safely stay at a boarding facility while you are out of town. Such places provide your pet with a sleeping area and have trained staff to ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy during the stay. With pet boarding, you do not have to ask your relatives and friends to care for your dog or cat while you are away.


Benefits of Choosing the Right Pet Boarding

Some benefits of pet boarding services in Windsor are:


  • Comfort: Quality pet boarding facilities are great in taking care of your pet and ensuring their comfort 
  • Stress-Free: Staff at pet boarding are trained to handle pets with any temperament and condition. You can go on a holiday stress free as they will take proper care of your pet when you are not around. They are very particular with the feeding, walking and grooming schedule of your pet
  • Safety: The facility is secured at all times, and no one is allowed to enter the property except staff and pet owners. This lowers the risk of injuries and prevents the dog or cat from feeling threatened.
  • Proper Exercise and Nutrition: Pets usually require daily exercise and nutrition. A pet boarding service provides nutritious food and ensures your pet gets enough exercise every day. The facility will also be willing to work with you if your pet is on a special diet.
  • Medical Care: If your pet requires medication or other special medical treatment, pet boarding is an ideal place for them. The staff here is trained in medication administration 


Get in touch with us if you need pet boarding services in Windsor.

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